When it comes to honing one’s shooting skills, few experiences match the intensity and precision of training at a shooting range. Nestled within controlled environments, these specialized facilities provide a sanctuary for individuals seeking to master the art of marksmanship. With rows of state-of-the-art shooting lanes, the range serves as a backdrop for dedicated shooters to refine their technique, bolster their confidence, and embrace the responsibilities associated with handling firearms. Whether you’re a shooter aiming to pursue personal proficiency, professional development, or you’re simply exploring the world of shooting, stepping onto the range will certainly take your marksmanship skills to the next level. 

Why is Shooting Range Training Important? 

In addition to the private shooting range training on your own time, there are immense benefits to training under instruction and in the presence of other shooters with the same goal as you. Training classes at a shooting range offer an invaluable opportunity for individuals to acquire and enhance their shooting skills under the guidance of seasoned instructors. These classes cater to shooters of all experience levels, from beginners seeking a solid foundation to seasoned enthusiasts aiming to refine their technique. 

Training classes offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from firearm safety and handling to advanced marksmanship principles. Shooting range training classes provide a structured and educational environment for student shooters. Through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on demonstrations, and range sessions, participants learn crucial skills such as proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. 

The expertise and insights shared by instructors empower students to develop confidence, improve accuracy, and cultivate a deep understanding of responsible firearm usage. Moreover, the camaraderie and shared passion among classmates foster an environment of support, encouragement, and growth, making training classes at a shooting range an exceptional avenue for individuals to expand their knowledge and proficiency in the world of shooting sports.

Training at Ozark Sportsman

Our mission at Ozark Sportsman is to not only provide a world-class experience, but to become the leader in gun training, safety, and gun classes in Northwest Arkansas. This includes a responsibility to train and educate every individual that comes through our doors. We strive to cultivate a community of gun owners that understands safety measures, standards of the industry, and ways to become even more responsible. Join us in continuing that journey of responsible gun-ownership.

Training classes at Ozark Sportsman range from basic courses like concealed carry or introduction to handguns, to more advanced training like defensive shooting fundamentals. No matter your goal as a shooter, Ozark Sportsman is sure to offer training that suits you.

Explore Classes

concealed carry training, shooting range training

Concealed Carry

This classroom and range-based course is designed to teach you the; what, when, where, why, and how of carrying a firearm for personal protection. It’s your opportunity to lay a solid foundation for safe shooting and carrying in Arkansas, PLUS thirty-three additional states! Learn about firearm safety rules and fundamentals of marksmanship, basic holster draw technique, where you can and cannot conceal carry, and more!

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Introduction to Handguns

In this course, students will learn about the function and operation of a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun, the meaning of double and single action, loading and unloading of a pistol, handgun safety, handgun cleaning, handgun storage, how to choose a proper firearm, ammunition malfunction protocols, firearms malfunction protocols, and the fundamentals of shooting a handgun. Fundamentals include stance, breath control, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, and follow-through.

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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

This course will guide you through the steps you’ll need to take to go from just sending rounds downrange to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals will help you hone the edge on your inner warrior expert. You’ll get your body working with your gun instead of against it, you’ll learn which intuitive skills work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a combat situation, and you’ll learn to apply this information simply and effectively – regardless of your skill level.

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These are only a handful of the many shooting range training classes that Ozark Sportsman has to offer! Whether you’re here to train in a class or train alone, know that you’re surrounded by a community of respectful and knowledgeable gun owners and staff that are here to support you. Learn more about training at Ozark Sportsman here.