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At Ozark Sportsman, we’re committed to firearm safety, and we carry a number of reliable and effective gun safes and solutions to help prevent unwanted or unsupervised access to your firearm. Whether you own a single handgun or own 75 long rifles, we have the perfect size gun safe for you.

Purchasing a gun safe or lock is an important part of being a responsible gun owner. Our gun safes from Rhino, Winchester, Vaultek, and Old Glory are built with the highest quality materials, using the latest in security design standards to ensure the security of your firearm and to provide you with peace of mind.

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gun safes

Founded in 2018, Vaultek is the most innovative gun safe company on the market today. Vaultek biometric safes boast rugged construction with optional WiFi and Bluetooth technology. Choose from home safes, weather-resistant travel safes and more.

Founded in 1989, Winchester Safe’s are built to protect a lot more than just firearms. They put everything they have into their products so you can feel secure with everything you lock inside. Winchester Safes offer proven security for your memories, protection for your possessions, and – most importantly – peace of mind for you and your family.

Founded in 1995, Rhino has grown to be the industry leader in the gun safe industry, with innovations such as the popular Ironworks design, the convenient swing out rack gun storage system, and now the ultra-tough polyurea (truck bed liner tough) safe finish.

Founded in 2010, Old Glory earned trust through its unwavering commitment to design, manufacture, and sell supremely tough and reliable gun safes and vaults constructed using advanced steel technology and engineered to meet their exacting standards of quality. Made in the USA, these safes are built to last and look good while doing so.