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Range Madness

March 3rd – April 1st

Join us for Ozark Sportsman’s first ever Range Madness shooting competition. Compete based on your skill level!
shooting competition
shooting competition

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Shooting Competition Rules:

  1. Ten rounds will be scored
  2. Scoring is 5-10 pts per round. With 10 points for a bullseye.
  3. 10 shots for a possible score of 100.
  4. Must check-in for target and RSO to verify.
  5. Lane fee waived while shooting for Range Madness Tournament
  6. Youth category will shoot from 7 yards; Stock category will shoot from 10 yards; Open/Optic will shoot from 15 yards.

Firearm Requirements:

  1. 9mm Handgun
  2. Must purchase 9mm ammo in-store
  3. Unbraced pistols only
  4. Firearms with optics will be moved to the advanced category automatically

How the Shooting Competition Winner Will be Determined:

Top scores for the following weeks will be eligible to participate in the Final Bracket Tournament

Week 1: Qualifying March 3-9 (8 final bracket spots available)

Week 2: Qualifying March 10-16 (8 final bracket spots available)

Sweet 16: Qualifying March 17-March 23 (8 final bracket spots available)

Elite 8: Qualifying March 24-31 (4 final bracket spots available)

Final 4: Qualifying April 1-6

Top scores from week of Final 4 will compete in the Final Bracket Tournament April 7-9 at Ozark Sportsman. Winner will be announced April 10th.



Awards for the shooting competition will be given from 1st place in each category along with an Ozark Sportsman logo hat

1st Place: $100 Gift Card & Logo Hat

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card & Logo Hat

3rd & 4th Place: 1 Range Pass & Logo Hat shooting competition shooting competition


Additional Details:

Competitors can enter in only ONE level/category per person.

Each competitor can only qualify ONCE for the Final Bracket Tournament. shooting competition shooting competition

Please reach out to our staff with any further questions or concerns.