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Whether you are looking for maintenance, customization, or other enhancements, come visit our gunsmiths for any of your firearm needs.

  • Servicing firearms of all types
  • Restoration and refinishing
  • Convenient drop off and pick up
  • Customization and modification
  • Product and parts education


Inspect and quote


Applied to service if used

Minimum shop charge


General gunsmithing labor


Machine labor


Sight install (handgun)


Sight install (shotgun)


Boresight scope


Cut & crown barrel


Cut down butt stock


Mount and boresight scope


Drill and tap for sights


Complete cleaning


Safety check, lube and reassemble

Remove stuck case or bullet


Test fire


Zero in rigle

$60.00 + ammo

Trigger work


Install stake on front sight


Install extended mag release


experienced Gunsmith Services


All firearms need maintenance and we’re happy to do that for you. Save time and energy and let our Gunsmiths do the work for you. 


Your firearms is an investment and can last multiple generations if you properly take care of it. We take care of your repair needs.


Make your firearm unique to fit your preferences with aftermarket parts, grips, trigger, handguards, stocks, sights, scopes and more. 

Additional Gunsmithing Services


Need a tune-up? We can make adjustments to ensure that your firearm is safe and review your accessories to make sure they are properly installed. 


Ozark offers full-service cleaning for firearms to help keep your firearms in the best condition. It’s always a good idea to occassionaly get your firearms cleaned.

and more!

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