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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

level 1 class – $300

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) Level 1 was designed for training your mind & body how to react. It’s imperative that you train in as an efficient, realistic and practical a manner as possible so that you are prepared for a Dynamic Critical Incident. You can’t waste time or resources on anything that isn’t a specialized area of study.

Build the foundation you need to understand intuitive defensive shooting and deadly force decision-making. Unlock the lifesaving mindset of the warrior expert theory that will help you guess your attacker’s next move with ease. Discover how you can develop the ability to apply your shooting skills on-demand, without anticipation, while trying to save your own life or the lives of others. Uncover the hands-on live-fire drills you must know to prepare and prevail even under the most dangerous of circumstances. You will be run through the Home-Defense Simulation Drill and if time permits the Take A Lap Drill and Tactical Stroll Drill.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals will guide you through the steps you’ll need to take to go from just sending rounds downrange to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 will help you hone the edge on your inner warrior expert. You’ll get your body working with your gun instead of against it, you’ll learn which intuitive skills work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a combat situation, and you’ll learn to apply this information simply and effectively – regardless of your skill level.

defensive shooting


  • 400 rounds of Ammunition
  • Semi-Automatic Handgun
  • OWB Holster
  • Magazine Pouch

  • At least 2 spare magazines

  • Pen and Notebook

  • Long Pants
  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Belt