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Archery Competition

March 3 – May 21

We are so excited to have you for our Archery Competition at Ozark Sportsman in Tontitown. Below are instructions for you prior to our competition, as well as some information on the competition itself.
Prior to competition, please make sure you have signed up for the weekly sessions you wish to attend. Please remember that you must attend 7 of the 10 sessions to be eligible for the grand prize for your division at the end of the competition.
The competition will start at 6pm sharp for Friday and Saturday sessions and 4 pm for Sunday sessions for each division. Each session is scheduled for approximately 2 hrs. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to confirm your attendance and get your equipment ready to go. 

Archery Standing Leaderboard

Hunter | Prize Pot

Stephen W.

Joseph L.

Brian C.

Open | Prize Pot

John R.

Richard B.

Chase H.

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Archery Competition Rules:

  1. All score cards will be scored by a designated scorer. No one will be able to score their own score card.
  2. No foul play or messing with other equipment. This will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  3. All shooters must stand behind the line. 
  4. Arrows can be retrieved if shot accidentally or other reasons if it’s within 3ft from the line. All others will be scored. 
  5. Conversation will be kept to a minimum on shooting range out of respect for the other shooters. 
  6. Every shooter will shoot both top & bottom targets. Random assignment of shooting order at start of each session.

Rules For hunter division ONLY:

  1. No longer than 35 ata
  2. No stabilizers longer than 15”
  3. No magnifiers/clarifiers/lenses
  4. No arrows larger in diameter than 6.5mm 

The winner will be announced for each division weekly on Monday. The weekly prize can be claimed during that week. The leaderboard and grand prize totals will be updated weekly on our website.

The final winners will be announced May 22nd and the prize for each division will be available for pickup the same day. Each competitor will be required to attend (7) sessions to be eligible for the final prize for each division.

Please reach out to our archery staff with any further questions or concerns.