Sofia began her martial arts journey at the age of thirteen and since has attained her black belt in Mu Sool Won, along with her blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition to this, Sofia has trained under Craig Douglas of Shivworks in his Extreme Close Quarter Concepts course for close-quarter firearm training and Aaron Jannetti and Eli Knight of Knife Control Concepts for close-quarter knife fighting defense. In order to improve her gun handling and movement shooting skills, Sofia began competition shooting under the United States Practical Shooting Association. Sofia is an NRA-certified range safety officer, and an NRA-certified basic pistol instructor with a passion for scalable self-defense including verbal de-escalation, pepper-spray training, hand-to-hand combat, and concealed carry. As Sofia realized there were several layers to concealed carry technique ranging from drawing technique to balancing personal style with carry, she began to share her journey on social media under the handle “fit4fia” and has grown her accounts to over 160,000 followers collectively. During this time, Sofia also began “She Shield Podcast,” a podcast for all topics of self-defense, including martial arts and concealed carry with biweekly guest speakers. The podcast has just passed 10,000 downloads and has released a total of 46 episodes