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Basic Field Medicine

basic class – $149

This course is designed to provide the best learning environment to equip you with the basic knowledge of real-world situations that may arise while hunting/hiking or other outdoor activities.

Basic Field Medicine Training will consist of (4) 1 hour blocks of instruction as detailed below:


During this section, we will cover splinting using S.A.M. splints, and improvised splinting materials as well as improvised stretcher materials.

Pressure Dressings

During this section, we will focus on the Emergency Trauma Bandage and pressure points.


During this section, we will be focusing on the C.A.T. tourniquet and various improvised tourniquet techniques.


During hypothermia/shock we will cover the treatment and prevention of hypothermia and shock.


Students may bring any personal medical kits that they own or medical kits will be available for purchase prior to the beginning of class.